In January 2013, George Lindemann, Jr., the owner of Lake Point filed a SLAPP suit against me for criticizing his rockpit project in Martin County. I stated in an email to County Commissioners that a hole in the ground in porous soil would not store water and the project would not save the Everglades or the St. Lucie Estuary. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. It’s particularly offensive to get sued for something you said when everything you said is true. A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation is not intended to win. It is intended to intimidate by costing lots of time and money.

I am continuing to SLAPP Back because I can’t admit that I secretly and maliciously lied about the project when what I did was to publicly and loudly tell the truth about it. I’m doing so with the help of lots of friends and relations and kind strangers. Checks can be sent to:

Maggy’s SLAPP-Back Fund,  PO Box 891,  Stuart, Fl.  34995 

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Maggy Reno Hurchalla



Judge McManus did not grant our motion for summary judgment. He ruled that factual evidence would be required to determine if emails to public officials were protected speech.

He did grant summary judgment to the SFWMD ruling that their contract with Lake Point did not include the right to sell water.

That’s a big plus for me and for the public since it substantially reduces the time and complexity of the trial. I can’t be accused of tortuously interfering with that contract if it has not been breached.

Lake Point is still claiming that they have a contract with Martin County that has been breached.  We are currently in court required mediation.

The trial is set for Sept 12th.  I think that Lake Point’s attorney will do everything possible to delay the trial.

I would like to have been granted summary judgment and be out from under this mess, but I really do look forward to the trial. Lake Point has shown no interest in establishing that their case is factual. Their strategy has been a simplistic pit-bull SLAPP attack meant to bully the defendants into surrendering.

I have a whole lot of faith that a Martin County Judge and jury will decide the case on the facts.

Lake Point Hard Hats

The Slappee with Slapp Protector attorneys Howard Heims and Ginny Sherlock on a court ordered inspection tour of Lake Point.

Thank you for having my back!