Lake Point’s complaint states that Martin County and the SFWMD have breached their contracts with Lake Point and it’s all my fault. They say that I made false statements that caused the County and the SFWMD to question the project.

My lawyers tell me that the constitutional guarantee of free speech does not require that the speech be accurate. If it did, half of the people at controversial hearings would be sued. To be successfully sued, you have to knowingly lie in order to damage someone. Making a mistake is not “ tortious interference.”

That said, my credibility is very important to me. I have a reputation for doing my homework and working hard to get things right.

I am quite sure that I did not knowingly make false statements in order to damage Lake Point’s business. Why would I?

More than that, I am quite sure that the statements I made were accurate at the time and are accurate now.. They have survived scathing depositions by Lake Point attorneys because they are true.

Here is what I’ve said. I’ve said it over and over, out loud, in public.

1.      The project has been fast tracked and allowed to violate the rules.

2.      The new plan for the public works project destroys 60 acres of wetlands.

3.      The reason for calling it a public works project appeared to be that the owner no longer wanted to keep his promise about preserving wetlands.

4.      When acquisition was first proposed there was no public knowledge of any plan, concept, or idea that required purchase of the property.

5.      “A study was to follow that documented the benefits” but was not provided.

6.      There does not appear to be any peer review by the CERP team to verify benefits from the project.

7.      There is no discussion of the fact that mining is taking place adjacent to wetlands.

Lake Point has refuted several statements that I never made.

They have not refuted any statements I did make about the project.