SLAPP Maggy Donations

Some very wonderful lawyers have offered to be lead counsel for my appeals.

SLAPP suits are meant to discourage and intimidate, not just the slappee, but anyone else who might dare to criticize.

Every resident who ever spoke up to defend their neighborhood and every environmentalist who ever fought for Florida's future, got slapped by this verdict.

If it stands, free speech falls.

If it stands, what you thought was your right to "petition your elected officials" will be subservient to those of any business with deep pockets willing to spend the money to crush opposition.

I'm going to need help from everyone who cares.



*** All contributions go to pay legal fees in the lawsuit. The Trust is set up so that no money goes to me or to any other purpose. If there is money remaining in the Trust after this is all over, it will go to a non-profit organization that defends the First Amendment and victims of SLAPP suits.